Top 3 cross browser testing tools


Here are Top 3 cross browser testing platforms that support automation and multiple tools integrations.

Do HTML and CSS work the same in all web browsers? You’d think they should, right?

Even if things have improved a lot in recent times, there’s still a high chance that your web application will look different on various browsers.

As a result, a good practice is to implement a separate flow for cross-browser testing in your development and testing process. If you can do that automatically, even better.

Here's a list with 3 of the best platforms you can use to implement this specific testing process. All of them support automation and integration with other popular tools.

Let's read more about each one. We added a quick comparison table at the end, to help you decide what's best for you.

1. Lambda Test

"Perform Live Interactive and Automated Cross Browser Testing on 2000+ Real Browsers and Operating Systems Online" :

LambdaTest allows you to perform manual testing, automated testing, screenshots, live testing on more than 2000 devices and browser combinations.

Key facts about Lambda test:

  •  It has a free plan that is limited only by capacity, not by available tools and features.
  •  You can use your regular testing scripts to run tests on different browsers (like Selenium scripts)
  •  It's integrated with multiple development, testing and task management tools (Jira, Asana, Microsoft VSTS, Github, Slack, Trello, Bitbucket, circleCi, Jenkins and many more)
  •  Has multiple tools and debuggers
  •  the interface is beautifully designed
  •  4.8* It's generally highly rated by customers and review websites
  •  Has a free trial


Visit Lambda Test or check the trial package Here

2. Sauce Labs

"Test your apps and websites across thousands of desktop and mobile browser/OS combinations in the cloud":

SauceLabs has multiple solutions for testing automation, continuous testing, unit testing and more. One of the features is cross-browser testing, provided in the cloud.

Key facts about Sauce Labs:

  •  Has around 1000 combinations of devices,OS and browsers
  •  It's also integrated with multiple development, testing and task management tools (Jenkins, Microsoft Azure and more)
  •  Has multiple tools and debuggers, video recording for sessions, parallel testing
  •  4.3*  Has good ratings from multiple review websites
  •  It has a trial plan but trial plan enrollment does not work all the time. You need to purchase one of the paid plans.

Visit Sauce Labs or check the trial package Here.


3. BrowserStack

"Give your users a seamless experience by testing on 2000+ real devices and browsers":

BrowserStack has multiple solutions for testing automation and paralel testing. It is one of the first set of tools available for this purpose.

Key facts about BrowserStack:

  •  Has 2000+ combinations of devices,OS and browsers
  •  Over 20 integrations with popular development/testing tools (Jenkins, Jira, Selenium, TeamCity and more)
  •  You can automate or live test your web application.
  •  You can test mobile hybrid application, also with automation
  •  4.4*  Has good ratings from multiple users and review websites
  •  Sometimes users complain about the tool speed
  •  It has a trial plan but with limited features. You cannot explore all features during trial

Visit BrowserStack or check the trial package Here.



Let's quickly compare the platforms:

Platform Lambda Test SauceLab Browser stack
Starting price Free/ 15 USD 19 USD 29 USD
Maximum price 158USD 399 USD Contact sales
Possible combinations device/browser 2000+ 1000+ 2000+
User rating 4.9/5 4.3/5 4.4/5

Browserstack and SauceLabs are older in the industry, have a significant market share, and offer multiple features and integrations. Still, users complain about some performance issues with launching VM's for tests, and pricing is not as competitive as the new arrivals in the space.

LambdaTest has the advantage of an always free plan, that allows you to use all available features (only resources and available server time is limited).

Also starting price is more affordable (15 USD vs 19 or 25 for competitors). Even the full package price is better (with all automation and tools you need).

LambdaTest has better user ratings, and it's integrated with way more tools and platforms, so it would be easier to integrate it into your normal development or testing process.

We recommend to try all of them, and decide which one is better suited for you.