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All users using www.onlinedatagenerator.com (called the website) must read and agree with these terms and conditions.

Disclaimer: All data displayed and generated on this website is random data, and random combinations of fictious data. Any resemblence with real data is just the result of random algorithms. There is no real personal data used. There is no personal information of the user stored on our system.

Disclaimer: www.onlinedatagenerator.com is not responsible for any usage of data generated on the website. The only responsible is the user, that is generating data with the website, and can use it for it's purpose. The intended purpose of this tool, is to help technical individuals to populate test database that might be needed for software testing.

Any user generating data with our tool, confirms that he will use the data only for legal activities.

The website is allowed to block any IP address that is fraudulently using the sistem, or affecting the system availability

The website, it's code and functionalities are the property of Whiteboard SRL, and any tries to attack the website, limit the functionality or availability, get access to restricted functionalities or code will be considered a crime, and will be reported to the authorities.

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